Data Modeling

Create your own data model.


Repox is an API first solution.

Knowledge Graphs

Use Graph instead of Hierarchy.

Data Modeling

Don’t just create a folder hierarchy.
Start with data modeling.

  • Metadata schemas

    Standards adoption

  • Entity types

    Real data modeling

  • Properties

    Over 35 property types

  • Qualifiers

    Data accuracy

Knowledge Graphs

A visual framework for creating Knowledge Graphs.

Use it as if you were using any cloud store but also get: Graph instead of Hierarchy.

  • Graph instead of hierarchy
  • Highly expressive
  • Micro-schemas
  • Meta(-data) quality
Repox Store

Solution for managing content and its metadata

Repox Store is a complete solution for managing content and its metadata. It can be used as a digital repository system. The data are stored either on local servers or in the cloud.

Repox Guide

Solution for easily creating mobile guide applications

Repox Guide offers the possibility to someone discover a place in an easy and attractive way by browsing the urban and cultural infrastructure areas.

Repox Stories

Solution for creating stories through ready templates

Repox Stories is an application / addon that extends the functionality of Repox Store. It provides all the mechanisms for creating simple stories that can be used in digital storytelling and in the development of interactive applications.

Repox Surveys

Solution for create online surveys and questionnaires

Repox Surveys is an application / addon for creating online forms such as electronic polls (surveys) and questionnaires. The created forms can be integrated in a website (embedded form) or sent via email.

Repox XR

Solution for presenting 3d objects in a specific occulus scene

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